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Practical Guide to Selling Your Vehicle
Article by Edward Andrews | Sept. 11th 2017


“As the saying goes, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure and this is certainly true when it comes to cars. After all, not everyone can afford a brand new Mercedes or the companion of their dreams and buying a second hand vehicle is the obvious way around this obstacle. Either way, there is definitely a market…” | Read Article


Important Guide to Buying a New Car
Article by Isabella Aldridge | Sept. 9th 2017


“Buying a new car is far from straight forward and with this being such a long term investment, the process deserves a great deal of care and attention. Yes, the colour or model may be an easy decision but you only get one shot and there is far more to consider than the appearance when buying a new car…” | Read Article


Top 9 Reasons to Never Text and Drive (Ever!)
Article by Edward Andrews | Sept. 7th 2017


“Are you a safe and responsible driver? Is there ever a time that you text while driving? Unfortunately, if you answered both of the above, there is something wrong. As proven time and time again, texting when driving is dangerous and potentially fatal. In this sense, here are some genuine facts which will hopefully encourage you…” | Read Article


Safety Features you Should Know About When Buying a Car
Article by Isabella Aldridge | Sept. 6th 2017


“Of course the purpose of any vehicle is to travel from one point to another, safely and in a comfortable manner. For this reason, and the fact that beauty is often common, most manufacturers maintain their focus on safety when it comes to new features. From emergency braking systems, voice recognition, and cameras to assist with parking…” | Read Article


Should you Lease or Purchase Your Next Vehicle?
Article by Edward Andrews | Sept. 2nd 2017


“If money didn’t exist, most people would choose full ownership every time. However, finance is always a deciding factor and opting to lease a car is often the best way to get the vehicle you want as part of an equally desirable arrangement With that said, let us take a look at exactly what is involved, including the most notable pros and cons…” | Read Article


Dealerships to Hire 5,000 Service Technicians by End of 2018
Article by Isabella Aldridge | August 29th 2017


“When it comes to maintaining your vehicle, you probably want the best, most knowledgeable service technician working under your hood. And so does Mopar, the total service, parts and customer-care brand for all FCA vehicles. In fact, Mopar is making service a priority by raising the bar when it comes to training…” | Read Article


Chevrolet Introduces the Much Anticipated 2018 Cruze City
Article by Isabella Aldridge | August 23rd 2017


“Ahead of its debut at the North American International Auto Show, Chevrolet today introduced the 2017 Cruze Hatchback. Developed with all the technologies and dynamic driving attributes of the all-new 2016 Cruze sedan, the new hatch adds a functional and sporty choice for customers. It joins the Colorado as the latest Chevrolets to push…” | Read Article


Fiat Joins the Permanent Collection of the MoMA in New York City
Article by Edward Andrews | August 19th 2017


“Move over van Gogh and Warhol, there is a new masterpiece on display in the Big Apple. In fact the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York is rolling out the red carpet to celebrate the best-loved car in the FIAT brand’s history. An extraordinary tribute to the artistic and cultural value of the Italian style icon in the world on its 60th birthday…” | Read Article


From a Sketch to a Manufactured Vehicle all Under One Roof
Article by Isabella Aldridge | August 15th 2017


“Before designers’ sketches have even evolved into clay models, research is conducted to collect, analyze and integrate the voice of the customer into a new vehicle concept. A “customer first” approach to quality keeps the customers’ needs at the forefront of decision-making and planning through all stages of vehicle development…” | Read Article