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9 Reasons Buying Small Car Burnaby

9 Reasons Buying Small Car Burnaby

9 Reasons why buying a small car makes a whole lot of sense
Article by Isabella Aldridge | August 29th 2017

People like big cars, this is no secret, and often the size of a vehicle is as much a symbol of status as a means of practicality. At the same time, there is also the factor of storage, capacity or general space which appeals to most people so why should you consider buying a new car?

Before we consider the reasons for buying a small car, let us consider another reason why people have opted for bigger cars in the past:

Why were bigger cars more popular until now?

As mentioned above, the size and general space in a vehicle is a factor for some buyers while the size is sometimes a psychological reason in a sense that they “big” has always insinuated that they offer “more”.

With that said, it must be understood that the most common reason people have opted for bigger cars is the superior features and performance they offered in the past. In most cases, this superiority was evidenced in the immaculate dashboard, luxurious seating, electronic devices and much more which you would often find absent in smaller vehicles.

So why is buying a small car today any different?

Simply put, car manufacturers have gone to great lengths to ensure small cars have many of the same features which once helped the larger cars stand out. Yes, no longer are small cars burdened with a reputation for being an “A to B” vehicle or subjected to a reputation for having basic controls, functionalities, and performance. With that said, here are some reasons as to why you should consider buying a small car:

9 Reasons you should consider buying a small car

1. Small cars have many of the same features

As already mentioned, the special features which once separated larger cars from the rest of the market are now also available in small cars. Whether you yearn for an in built GPS, retractable sunroof or smart phone integration, small cars now offer a similar experience when it comes to technology.

2. There is now a lot more space in small cars

As opposed to offering the bare minimum amount of space, manufacturers have made every effort to improve the general space and storage in small cars. Take a Honda Civic, for example, there was a time when there was absolutely no space in this particular car aside from the actual seats, but recent models now come with a variety of compartments including a very large trunk.

3. You can still drive in absolute luxury

Another area where manufacturers cut their expenses in the past was the interior and general appearance of the vehicle. However, this has definitely changed, and today you should find the interior or small cars are almost identical to larger models from the same manufacturer. In fact, many small vehicles are now considered luxury cars and some will even come with leather seats.

4. Safety is not an issue with small cars

One misconception when it comes to buying a bigger vehicle is that the increased size makes them safer to drive. This is certainly not true as the huge improvements in small cars such as side-curtain air bags or electronic stabilization have ensured that small cars are every bit as safe to drive. That being said, smaller cars are also less likely to be damaged while parking or manoeuvring the vehicle, such is the compact nature of their size.

5. More variety of designs and colour

The general variety is often a lot more flexible when you buy a small car. Featuring a wide range of designs and colours, small cars tend to be a lot more customizable than bigger vehicles, and this can certainly be a bonus for anyone wanted to improve their appearance on the street.

6. Small cars have an impressive power and performance

In the past, small cars were built with the bare bones and offered little in the way of power or performance. Today this has changed a great deal, and many smaller vehicles possess the same capabilities as the big cars from ten or twenty years ago. Incredibly, in some case where turbocharging is involved, manufacturers can produce four cylinder engines which help a car produce a performance which is more similar to a V6 engine.

7. Less fuel consumption than large vehicles

As you might have expected, smaller vehicles us a lot less fuel and this is often the reason why many buyers will opt for them over large cars. While this may seem like quite a trivial sacrifice at the time of buying a large car, the fuel receipts tell a different story and end up leaving a lot of people regretful for not buying a small car instead.

8. Lower price and less Insurance

In most cases, the price of a small car is considerably less, and this is obviously a good thing when it comes to getting a car loan. However, the cost of insurance for a vehicle can be equally as important, and in this respect, small cars are a lot cheaper to ensure than larger engines.

9. Fewer maintenance costs than large vehicles

Tires are much more expensive in a large vehicle, and this is merely one cost which is greatly reduced when you downsize your next investment. For similar reasons, the maintenance or service costs involved in bigger engines is a lot more, while even the cost of oil is minor in comparison to a relatively small amount is needed for small cars.

Buying a small car makes a whole lot of sense

With the increased cost of living and an incredible improvement in features, buying a small car can be a sensible choice for buyers. In fact, smaller vehicles are often a better choice depending on circumstances, and as illustrated above, there are many reasons why this may be the case.

No longer are they inadequate or subjected to an unfavourable reputation as seen in the past but rather, they can now sit right next to some of the big boys and feel comfortable in their presence. More affordable, easier to handle, and with just as much potential; buying a small car makes a whole lot of sense for so many reasons.

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