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9 Reasons to Never Text and Drive

9 Reasons to Never Text and Drive

Top 9 Reasons to never text and drive (ever!)
Article by Edward Andrews | Sept. 7th 2017

Are you a safe and responsible driver? Is there ever a time that you text while driving? Unfortunately, if you answered both of the above, there is something wrong. As proven time and time again, texting when driving is dangerous and potentially fatal. In this sense, here are some genuine facts which will hopefully encourage you to leave the phone out of reach and focus on the road next time you find yourself behind the wheel. Please read and consider the following “Top 9 reasons to leave the phone out of reach and not text and drive”.

#1: Facts are facts; consistent texting will result in an accident

  • As proven in a recent study by the NHTSA, reading or sending texts requires a minimum of 4 – 5 seconds during which time the eyes of a driver are not focusing on the road. When you consider the incredible distance a vehicle can travel in this short space of time, especially at 70mph, it is inevitable that consistent texting while driving will result in a dangerous accident. Whether this happens when a child crosses the road or the car in front slows down unexpectedly, being distracted for this amount of time is often the cause of fatal accidents.

#2: Insurance companies focus on the details

  • Have ever needed to file a claim for insurance of any kind? Quite often, people like to avoid making claims to avoid an increase in premium but this is usually only possible if the cost of the claim is very small. In the case of a car accident, this is rarely possible such is the high cost involved with vehicle repairs and so the specific details of an incident are of the highest importance. Simply put, if there is any valid reason an insurance claim can be declined, the insurance company will use it and texting while driving is considered negligence which is as good a reason as any to deem a claim unsuccessful.

#3: With hands free technology, it’s not even necessary

  • Why even put everyone and everything at risk when you don’t even need to text and drive? With the latest Bluetooth and voice control facilities, it is possible to make a call and communicate the necessary information without ever needing to take your hands off the wheel. Surely at some point in the future, this will be standard for every cell phone but for now, just invest in a device with Bluetooth capabilities.

#4: Even the smaller details should matter to you

  • Have you ever sent a text message only to realise an embarrassing mishap caused by autocorrect? Less serious than a potential accident of course, but autocorrect is a problem even without sitting behind the wheel. Yes, in the increasingly “helpful” word of modern technology, autocorrect can be as much of a problem as it is a convenience when the user is not paying full attention. Obviously a mistake in this regard is far more likely while driving and should it even happen in the first place?

#5: Can it not wait ten minutes?

  • Which brings us to this final point; can it wait? Even for reasons of genuine emergency, texting while driving has the potential to cause more problems than solutions. Besides, should you really be doing something this dangerous during a stressful emergency? At the same time, most people text while driving for trivial matters and these is no reason this cannot wait. Have patience, pull over, and just realize that waiting ten minutes to send a text is not really as excruciating as the urge you have to send it in the moment.

#6: You are putting other drivers in danger

  • Unfortunately this is a harsh lesson in life for reckless drivers who fail to consider that their actions are dangerous to other drivers. While many drivers who cause accidents live to tell the tale, their actions often result in life changing injuries or worse for other drivers. In fact, this is something which many safety awareness organizations decide to focus upon such as Diageo who release adverts which outline the life-long trauma which can follow a reckless driver due to their own unfortunate actions.

#7: You are putting pedestrians in danger

  • For the very same reasons above, you are more likely to put pedestrians in great danger while texting and driving. In fact, given that people are a lot smaller than cars, the likelihood of spotting a potential incident with a person is a lot less likely than another vehicle. Unprotected and unaware, pedestrians are even more vulnerable than traffic and often rely on the caution of drivers to keep them from harm. You should known this and respect it.

#8: Are you influencing other people?

  • Are there kids in the car? Even for adults, the behaviour of other people is the biggest influence for their own. Children are obviously a lot more susceptible at this young age as this is when we develop habits more easily but for everyone else, your actions still affect the minds of other people. And do you really want to be responsible for spreading bad habits elsewhere? Is it really okay that you are setting bad example for those who choose to be with you?

#9: It is really not about you, even if nobody is in the car or on the road

  • Again, do you have a partner, kids, family or friends who value your presence? You see, the funny thing about your life, is that it is not really about you but rather the people who surround you. Ignorance should not be an option and texting while driving is certainly an ignorant way to treat the people who take time to be a part of your life.

Stop thinking about yourself and your own needs and start focusing on staying alive. It is not rocket science and although many studies have confirmed the dangers with statistics and facts, this should be common knowledge – it is very unsafe to text and drive at the same time.

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